Our Services

Learning and Language Specialists (LLS) is a clinic specializing in neuropsychological assessments and treatment. For more than 40 years, we have helped children, adolescents, and adults understand their cognitive potential. We apply personalized one-to-one advanced methods and cutting-edge neuroscience for cognitive and learning issues, metacognitive (attentional/executive) functioning, language and speech capabilities, and neuropsychological challenges resulting from accidents or neurological impairments including traumatic brain injury and concussion.

In addition to these assessments and extensive recommendations, we provide individual and family therapy for children, adolescents, and adults as well as prescriptive treatment plans for numerous issues and conditions. Below are descriptions of some of the other services we provide:

Language and speech evaluation: Comprehensive assessment of auditory processing, receptive and expressive language, and speech sound formation.

Plan design: Formulate individual accommodations and plans for college, university, and other post-secondary settings and relationships.

Psychological evaluation: Evaluation of aptitude and ability, mood, behavior, and psychosocial and emotional functioning.

Independent educational evaluation (IEE): Upon the request of public and privates schools, comprehensive assessment of youth cognitive, neurocognitive, intellectual, linguistic, achievement, sensoriperceptual and emotional/behavioral functioning.

School consultation: A specialized educational professional is available for school conferences, providing advocacy and informational support for students and parents.

Continuous Performance Testing using the Intermediate Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test (IVA) establishes a baseline for attentional functioning. Then, medication is subsequently taken and the IVA can be re-administered to determine effectiveness.

Professional Development Training for assessment and test interpretation as well as Speakers’ Bureau.